Email to the Delaware Senators and Representatives

To: State Legislators – New Castle County

From: Board of Directors – Civic League for New Castle County

Shown below – and to be displayed on our Website beginning June 22 and updated daily through June 30 – is a Public Highway Pledge which our Board approved by unanimous vote at our June 20th monthly meeting, asking each of our New Castle County State Legislators to sign – and email their response to us by Monday, June 26.

We believe the Pledge is self-explanatory but if you have any questions you are invited to call our President Frances West or any of our Officers or Directors.

Please reply to this email

Public Highway Pledge

to Taxpayers of New Castle County Delaware

by New Castle County’s State Legislators

June 22, 2006

The below named New Castle County legislators have promised and pledged not to vote for, participate in, lend support for, or any manner help facilitate the sale or lease of any of Delaware’s public highways anytime before adjournment of the current legislative session at mid-night June 30, 2006, or any time thereafter, without providing ample, time and opportunity for full disclosure of any proposed sale or lease possibility, along with a mechanism for public participation in any advance deliberations.
Legislators Yes No Abstaining
District 1 - Harris B. McDowell III      
District 2 - Margaret Rose Henry      
District 3 - Robert I. Marshall      
District 4 - Charles L. Copeland X    
District 5 - Catherine L. Cloutier X    
District 6 - Liane M. Sorenson      
District 7 - Patricia M. Blevins      
District 8 - David P. Sokola X    
District 9 - Karen E. Peterson X    
District 10 - Steven H. Amick      
District 11 - Anthony J. DeLuca      
District 12 - Dorinda A. Connor      
District 13 - David B. McBride      
District 14 - James T. Vaughn      
District 1 - Dennis P. Williams      
District 2 - Hazel D. Plant      
District 3 - Helene M. Keeley      
District 4 - Joseph G. Di Pinto      
District 5 - Melanie George Marshall      
District 6 - Diana M. McWilliams      
District 7 - Wayne A. Smith      
District 8 - Bethany A. Hall-Long      
District 9 - Richard C. Cathcart      
District 10 - Robert J. Valihura Jr. X    
District 11 - Gregory F. Lavelle X    
District 12 - Deborah Hudson X    
District 13 - John F. Van Sant      
District 14 - Peter C. Schwartzkopf      
District 15 - Valerie Longhurst      
District 16 - James Johnson X    
District 17 - Michael P. Mulrooney      
District 18 - Terry R. Spence      
District 19 - Robert F. Gilligan      
District 20 - Roger P. Roy     X
District 21 - Pamela S. Maier      
District 22 - Joseph E. Miro      
District 23 - Teresa Schooley X    
District 24 - William A. Oberle Jr.      
District 25 - Stephanie A. Ulbrich X    
District 26 - John J. Viola      
District 27 - Vincent A. Lofink X    


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