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Key Provisions
Electronic Variable Message Signs

Ordinance #08-056
Councilman Tim Sheldon, Sponsor


Dissemination of communications by use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) on off-premises signs – EMV’s – Electronic Variable Message Signs

Signs to be located along highways at minimum of 2,500 ft. intervals (approx. ¼ mile)

Signage must remain fixed for minimum of ten (10) seconds.

The EMV’s not to display any message that appears to move, scroll, scintillate , travel, or change intensity during the ten-second period.

EMV signage has advantages over historically static signs in that it communicates a clear message in a clear and concise manner and is less likely to fall into disrepair.

This ordinance has been introduced and can be voted on at any upcoming meeting of New Castle County Council.

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