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Water Supply Coordinating Council

Michael McDowell

For review by members, and the public concerning Water Supply Coordinating Council activity and our advocacy concerning further development of plans needed to address long term additions to over all supply from a growing portfolio of sources of supply for New Castle County as well as the State of Delaware.

There are issues concerning water quantity available and (equally important) water quality issues. Because of our work before the Public Service Commission in the Tidewater/Middlesex case from 1997 through to 2002, the PSC found Tidewater's facility and operational and management insufficient and in gross violation of the new standard adopted by the PSC concerning the standard for water in all the Counties of the State of Delaware. The new standard is the everyone must beable to have clean, clear, safe drinking water available at all times and deliverable at a sufficient quantity and way so that the water can be used at all times. The case forced a change in both the Department of Health law and DNREC law concerning water quality and the reliability of the supply.

During 1997 to 1998 we experienced a water drought and the first meeting of the Water Supply Council began to address the immediate crises concerning water quantity. At the time, Governors Carper's Chief of staff and the DREC Secretary chaired the meetings. Following those initial efforts, the Council was formally enabled as the Water Supply Council by an General Assembly legislation which identified the Civic League for New Castle County as a personality voting board member. The enabling Legislation was past in 2000. The history and events become extensive since that time, as well and legislative changes which we have been successfully in getting past and signed into law.

FILE NAME File Type Approx. File Size
Date & Time measurements of
water level from EC32 07
EXCEL Spreadsheet 35kb
Water level from 1967 to 2006 WORD Document 42kb
Table of Time & Measurements
Refined for figures 1 & 2
WORD Document 27kb
Water Level Cart 1967 to Oct. 2006
Well EC32 07
Word Document 25kb
Water Supply Coordinating Council Well
EXCEL Spreadsheet 29kb
Updated NCC Production
Final Draft Report
PDF 136kb
NCC Production Final Draft Figures PDF 16,683kb

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