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Make Mandatory Recycling a 2004 Election Issue

by Frank Sims;

The following are two sections from the Delaware Code: "Reduction of solid waste disposal and recovery of usable materials from solid waste are matters of extreme importance in minimizing the environmental impact of solid waste disposal through land-filling." "It is in the public interest to develop a comprehensive statewide system of recycling and resource recovery which maximizes the quantity of solid waste materials which can be recovered, reused or converted to beneficial use."

An incompliant Solid Waste Authority, a “keep things as they are” waste removal industry, a shaky body of lawmakers and latent leadership from the Governors office is a situation the voters can resolve in the 2004 election.

Seems to me Delawarians are beginning to realize that taking care of the environment (taking care of each other) are not sacrifices, but instead, enhance our quality of life now and for our children.

by Frank Sims

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