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INCINERATION - Back on the Front Burner

by Frank Sims;

Remember, just a few years ago, when Philpower lobbied to install an incinerator in the coastal zone and found out too late it was against the law.

Then they tried to lobby the Legislature to install an incinerator in a residential area off Porter Road.

When citizen outrage was finally taken seriously, the Legislature passed a law banning incinerators and their toxic emissions. As long as people stand firm against weakening our laws, our lungs will be protected from incinerator pollution.

Now here comes N.C. Vasuki, appointed head of the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, with his problem of the Cherry Island future under-capacity, touting incineration as a solution, (he calls it an alternative) while decrying recycling as an alternative to the dilemma of his own making. DSWA has pulled out all the stops. It employs the politically powerful lawyer Mike Parkowski, public relations man Sam Waltz, and the corporate lobbyists Mary and Ned Davis. DSWA is maneuvering legislators and other public officials into field trips to garbage incinerators. He was so bold as to take some State and Wilmington lawmakers to Lancaster, PA to view their incinerator. Upon their return Rep. Dave Ennis said we should not rule it out. DSWA is spending tons of money on propaganda. DSWA makes films and other materials that are sent into Delaware schools.

The DSWA, having failed to carry out waste reduction and recycling by not following its legal mandate is now trying to repeal Delaware’s laws against the toxic practice of garbage incineration.

As this threat to pollute the air we breathe unfolds, the Joint Sunset Committee will be reviewing the DSWA. The Joint Sunset Committee (JSC) exists to review public agencies such as DSWA, and to determine whether it should be allowed to continue operating.

From the Delaware General Assembly web site: "The purpose of the review is to determine whether or not there is a genuine public need for the agency and, if so, determine if the agency is effectively performing to meet that need. Typically, an agency, board or commission is reviewed once every seven years."

It’s time to speak out—again. I urge you to contact the people listed below and make your voice heard. They won’t know unless you tell them.

House Sunset Committee;
Chair, Rep. Stephanie Ulbrich,, 368-5122
Vice Chair, Rep. Deborah Hudson,, 651-9571
Rep. David Ennis,, 764-5829
Rep Bob Valihura,, 888-1253
Rep. Peter Schwartzkopf,, 227-6252
Rep. John Viola,, 832-2900

Senate Sunset Committee:
Chair Senator David McBride,, 322-6100
Senator Karen Peterson,, 999-7522
Senator Charles Copeland, 426-0995
Senator David P. Sokola,, 239-2193
Senator Colin R.J. Bonini,, 698-0960

Senator Harris McDowell,, 656-2921
Wilmington Mayor Baker,, 576-2100
Rep. Wayne Smith,, 475-5460

Those directly responsible for the leadership of the DSWA are their Board of Directors. They are appointed by the Governor for 3-year terms.
Richard V. Pryor; Chairman, 656-3570-576-2120, Ronald B. McCabe: Vice-Chairman, Director since 1979, 539-7725, Theodore W. Ryan; Director since 1979, 378-0881, William J. DiMondi; 734-4644, 227-3525, J. Donald Isaacs, Director since 1975, 227-3563.
Two vacancies exist.

by Frank Sims

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